Video Review: Jonas Brothers “Who’s In Your Head”

A twentysomething woman taps her foot as she paints. As she paints, Kevin, Nick and Joe play music in the next studio. Within her ear, Kevin, Nick and Joe play in paint splattered clothes. She holds a can of Benjamin Moore paint and splashes it on the canvas.

A second twentysomething woman holds a pot of coffee and dances between her tables. Joe stands with his cup of coffee and looks around. Within her eye, the second twentysomething woman imagines Joe in a cup of coffee. Nick sits in a chair at the hair salon. A third twentysomething woman takes her glass of Aperol, imagining Nick flying in the air as he holds onto the microphone stand.

Kevin rides a Vespa past a construction site. A fourth twentysomething woman sees him and thinks of Joe, Nick and Kevin in uniforms, dancing in the cement. A twentysomething man tells her to stop as she kicks wet cement on the ground. A thirtysomething man dances as he holds barbells. A fifth twentysomething woman dances in the kitchen of a restaurant. Kevin, Nick and Joe perform on a flatbed.

A sixth twentysomething woman spins on her roller skates on the sidewalk as Joe eats some Lay’s chips. A marching band pays by Joe, Nick and Kevin as the sixth twentysomething woman continues to roller skate on the street. A seventh twentysomething pays with her Visa Chime card and smiles as she walks with her hot dog.

Rating: 3/5

A group of people surround Kevin, Joe and Nick, asking if they have merch. The twentysomething woman says she has some t-shirts. Kevin exclaims “wow!” at the empty table. Joe tells her she had a great design. Nick puts his arm around her and wants to know if she wants to go to lunch.

The second twentysomething woman fumbles over her words as she talks to Joe at the diner. She repeats his order again and says she’s so sorry. Joe tells her it’s okay. As she walks away, the twentysomething woman says their server has a crush. Joe shakes his head and says she saw the performance. The twentysomething woman says he’s being modest.

Nick talks with the curator at the art show. He says the paintings by the twentysomething woman are amazing. The curator says her art was the clear winner. The twentysomething woman walks up to Joe and Kevin. She says so many people have complimented her on her work. Kevin says “we can say we knew you first.” She grins and says she got an offer to commission some pieces. Nick says she’s going to get famous on them. The twentysomething woman tells them she wants to play for her. Nick says they’ll be honored and tells her congratulations again.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2021

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