Video Review: Olivia Rodrigo “Traitor”

Wearing a white dress, she jumps up and between, superimposed onto the lavender sky. She sits in the back of a lavender lit truck, her hand on her cheek at night. A 17-year-old girl and boy hold hands as Rodrigo walks by herself into the arcade. She leans against one of the games.

She lies on top of the pool table, filming herself with a camcorder. The 17-year-old girl plays foosball with her. One of her friends park in the school parking lot. She and her friends get out the car and run to the fence. As they climb, she sits on the brick.

A string of flowers float in the pool. Her friends drop their backpacks on the bleachers and jump into the pool. She walks on the patio. The 17-year-old boy and girl swim underwater and kiss. She jumps into the pool with her friends. Holding a mirror in the water, she stares at her face. In the early morning, she and her friends run on the football field. She swims between flowers inside a box. Within the sky of stars, she opens a door and goes inside the room.

Rating: 5/5

Olivia Rodrigo doodles in her notebook as she listens to the morning announcements. The school dance was coming up, seniors should have their graduations pictures in by the end of the week, congratulate the football team on their victory over the weekend. The principal steps in and says the school was broken into last night and asks anyone who has information to step forward.

Rodrigo lifts her head up. Turning her head, she sees her ex-boyfriend laughing with a second 17-year-old girl. Rodrigo glares at them and scratches out her drawing. It was horrible. Everything in her life sucked. The scraps on her knee hurt and bled from climbing into the school, but she’d do it again.

A couple of friends brag they were there. Some pictures show up on social media feeds with her in them. Her mom wants to know why. She says she doesn’t care. Her ex is living life like nothing’s wrong and she just wants to die. Her mom tells her she has to move on. Rodrigo shouts she can’t move on and slams the door as she walks into the bedroom.

Director: Olivia Bee Year: 2021

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