Video Review: OneRepublic “Good Life”

Through a vintage 70s filter, Ryan pretends to play drums as he stands in the mountains in Los Angeles, California. He taps his chest and hips. Eddie, Brent, Drew and Zack play their instruments by him. Ryan rubs his hands together by the fence. A person holds it up as a painting.

He stands on a deck as various people continue to hold it up as a painting. Three twentysomething people hold up moving paintings of Zack and Brent. Within a painting, Ryan, Eddie, Brent, Drew and Zack walk in a straight line in the field. A twentysomething man looks at the moving painting of Ryan standing on the dock while at the Ferris Wheel. Four people hold up four separate paintings of Ryan’s face as he sings. A fortysomething man holds up a painting of Ryan as he stands by a building. Back by the fence, Ryan walks with his hands behind his back.

Rating: 2/5

Ryan feeds his horse and says it’s good to be home. He tells his horse they’ll have a lot to catch up on his month off. As he rides his horse, he stares at the mountains. Perhaps he’ll go for a hike or maybe venture into town. The quiet was allowing him to think. He could slow down and breathe.

Ryan says hello the clerk at the corner store. He looks over the menu at the diner. The wait was a little long. But it was okay. A thirtysomething woman comments he’s so handsome in person. She asks for a picture. As he food sits on the table, he poses for a picture. Biting into his food, he realizes it’s gotten cold. He sighs and asks the server to warm it up. He should know better to complain. People had worse problems.

Squirrels had eaten through his vegetable crop. He had been looking forward to ripened tomatoes to have with his dinner. His gardener had to be fired for not managing it well. It wasn’t something he wanted to do. He didn’t want to be dealing with staff issues on vacation. However, he thinks it through and decides he’ll let his gardener stay. He wasn’t on the ranch often and the unused vegetables were planned to be donated. Ryan puts on his hiking shoes and backpack. He was going to see more of the world today.

Director: N/A Year: 2011

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