Video Review: Cody Johnson “Til You Can’t”

A twentysomething man rides his pick-up truck to the lake. Cody Johnson plays the guitar in the stables. As he gets out of the car, he talks with his brother, his father and grandfather. They get their reels and buckets. Johnson stands in silhouette on the field as the sun sets.

He and his family take their spots in the lake and throw out their reels. His brother takes the sheet of a car in the garage. His father holds a light over the engine and his brother takes a look at it. During dinner, his father talks with his brother. His brother and sister laugh at his brother’s joke. His sister-in-law gets up to answer the phone. He turns to his head to listen to his sister-in-law. She exclaims, “I just saw him! No!” and hangs up the phone. He takes the phone and talks to his mom. The twentysomething man is seen smiling as he’s fishing.

Rating: 5/5

His brother uncovers the car in the garage. It was still like it was since they last worked on it three years ago. Neither of he, his father and grandfather could go back to it. It was the final time they had been all together as a family. The twentysomething man had passed away in a freak accident a week after.

His wife tells him they could try to sell the car. His brother says he doesn’t run. He’ll just have it hauled to the junkyard. The twentysomething man was the one who knew about cars. It was supposed to be his after they finished it. In the corner, he sees his reel and nets, collecting dust.

His wife puts her hand on his shoulder as he visits his dad in the nursing home. He talks to his dad as he sleeps and holds back tears. He missed his grandfather’s stories and his brother walking late to every family function. He wanted to his father to sit up in bed and be himself again. He wanted his family like it was.

Director: Dustin Haney Year: 2021

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