Video Review: Sharon Bryant “Let Go”

Sharon Bryant sits on the sand in the desert. In black-and-white, she sings on stage. It switches to color as she sing against a black background. She carries a shawl as she walks in the sand.

She holds a navy blue sheet to her chest as she stands by a fence in the desert. A light shines on her as she dances on stage. While in the desert, she drops the orange sheet and dances. Sweat drips from her hair as she walks near the sun. She raises her arms as she stands on the sand.

Rating: 3/5

Sharon Bryant flips through the magazine at the newsstand. The thirtysomething man talks her about the last issue. She says she enjoyed the interview with the featured celebrity. The thirtysomething man mentions she’s in a new movie and asks if she’s seen it. Bryant answers “not yet.” He tells her it’s currently playing at the theater. Bryant shrugs and says she’ll get around it.

The clerk shakes her head and says he was asking her out on a date. Bryant says he’s nice but not her type. The clerk tells her to give him a chance. Every week, they talk to one another. Bryant says she’ll think about it. As she walks to the department store, she spots an off-the-shoulder top on the mannequin. She really liked the sweater. But she wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Her sister asks her if the newspaper guy took her out yet. Bryant says he asked but she brushed it off. Her sister exclaims, “why?” Bryant says he’s okay but she couldn’t see herself with him. Her sister reminds her it’s a date, not a marriage proposal. She tells Bryant that life is short and she has to try. Bryant says she will. Her sister sighs, telling her she’ll be wondering “what if?” at some point.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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