Video Review: Oliver Tree “Life Goes On”

Oliver Tree runs on a red carpet. A dozen versions of him follow, reaching with their hands. His glasses on his nose, he sings with thousands of versions of himself against a black background. Tree swings upside down from the chandelier in the room as the thousands version of him sway.

Tree lies on the red carpet. He spins around the room and continues to swing from the chandelier. Within his eye, Tree picks up a version of himself as he hangs upside down from the chandelier. The thousands of versions of him cry as he lies on the floor. Two versions of himself carry Tree from the floor while the thousands watch.

Rating: 0/5

Oliver Tree rushes the stage of the concert. He hugs the singer and grabs the microphone. Security pulls him from the stage. The venue bans him from attending any of their events. Tree skips out of the venue. He was able to meet his favorite singer. His favorite singer knew who he was.

Tree hitches a ride onto a boat. While on the boat, the captain asks who he is. He says he just came aboard and highlights that no one bothered to check on the boxes. He was able to get in and out rather easily. The captain announces they’ll be a brief stop and leaves Tree off at the next port.

Tree screams while on the chandelier. His family members cover their faces. Some of his cousins call for him to come down. The servers motion for the manager of the hall to help. As he falls, he knows none of it matters. He’s not unique. Another person just like him was being born. But he lived his life to the fullest.

Director: Oliver Tree Year: 2021

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