Video Review: Tamia “So Into You”

A candle burns on a table as Tamia sits on the couch and grabs a pillow. Her friends walk into her house. Against a black background, a guitar spins. She sits backwards in a chair against a flame orange background. Her friends sit with her in the family room.

As Tamia lies on the couch, one of her friends puts on the television. On television, Tamia wears a pink dress with spaghettis straps. Two crystals fly by her as she stands in the room. Her friends play cards. Tamia sits at her dining table. She leans against the counter, running her hand over her body and sinks to the floor. Sliding underneath the table, she finds a photograph of herself and picks it up.

She sits on her bed. In the kitchen, she talks on her phone. In the mirror, she touches her reflection. The water overflows from the sink. She stands by a waterfall against a navy blue background. Back in the family room, she and her friends dance. A twentysomething woman (Nicole Richie) holds up the camera. Tamia sticks out her tongue while her friends stand next to her. Her friends say goodbye and leave.

Rating: 4/5

Tamia peeks at the twentysomething woman’s cards and grins. The twentysomething woman says she won’t take any cards. A second twentysomething woman smiles, saying, “I’m not going down without a fight.” A third twentysomething woman sways as she listens to the song. Tamia says the twentysomething man called her earlier. The second twentysomething woman exclaims “ahh!” and asks for details.

She had been hesitant to talk about the twentysomething man. They’d known each other for a few months. She says they are going out on their third date. The second twentysomething woman says, “third?” She explains to them she didn’t want jinx it. He mentioned meeting his parents and she’s nervous. The twentysomething woman says she thinks she know who it is.

Tamia hangs up the phone. She knows she screwed it up. He ended the conversation with “well, I’ll see you” without any plans scheduled. She leans against the wall and thinks of how to fix it. Her phone rings and she lets it go the answering machine. The twentysomething man says he’s sorry for being curt and hopes they’ll go to dinner on Saturday. She puts on some music and dances in her family room.

Director: Harvey White Year: 1998

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