Video Review: Jewel “Again And Again”

Jewel, wearing a white dress, stands on the porch of her home. She walks to the family room and looks out the window. Walking out the front door, she glances at the sky and stands in the field. Holding her box, she leans against the porch.

She opens the gate and sits on the grass, reaching for the sun. Inside her home, she sits on a chair and plays the guitar. She opens the box in the field. Vintage photographs lie around her in the field. A twentysomething man (Ty Murray) leans against a window. She turns and sees the twentysomething man. Standing in the hall, she smiles at him.

Rating: 5/5

Jewel reads a book as she sits on the porch. The twentysomething man comes up behind her and kisses her. She touches his cheek, feeling the stubble on his chin. He sits beside her and holds her hand. She blushes as his hand travels to knee and up her thigh.

She whistles for him as he competes in the rodeo. He tumbles off the bull after two minutes. His times were improving. As the crowd cheers, she watches as he tries to hide his limp. His leg had been hurt a few years ago. He told her it was fine. But it bothered him every once in a while. She sits in the bleachers, craning her neck to the stalls as a second twentysomething man, an emerging competitor, was riding.

She gets out the ice pack from the freezer. He winces as he sits on the chair. She says it’s really swollen. He puts his hand on the ice pack and says it should go down by next weekend. She places her hand on his shoulder and kisses him. He says he feels a lot better. Smiling, she tells him, to stay off his feet until further notice. He nods at her and stretches his foot on the couch. It was his third injury so far this year. She crushes his pain pills and brings them to him. He takes them and says she takes such good care of him.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2006

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