Video Review: Jimmie Allen & Brad Paisley “Freedom Was A Highway”

Jimmie Allen walks out of church and waves goodbye to a twentysomething man. He takes off his jacket and gets inside his car. As he drives, he listens to music and taps on the windshield of the convertible. He pulls over and finds a glowing guitar in the forest.

He picks it up and plays it in the street. A streak of gold emits from the guitar. He watches as a band appears as he continues to play. Gold streaks swirl around his body and cause him to disappear. He lands by the band, singing into the microphone. Brad Paisley sings in the back of his pick-up truck. His guitar glows and he disappears.

Allen and Paisley play by a building in the forest. Allen jumps on stage. Paisley joins him on stage. Confetti falls from the night sky. People raise their sparklers as they listen. Allen notices the people disappearing and returns to the street. He gets back inside in his car.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jimmie Allen checks his rearview mirror. A car was behind him. He slows down. Brad Paisley waves to him as he passes by him. Allen waves back, even though he doesn’t quite know why. Paisley looked familiar. However, they hadn’t ever met.

Allen checks his phone while at the hotel. Paisley bumps into him and says he’s sorry. He asks if he wants to hang out. Allen and Paisley sit on the patio of the pool, drinking a beer. Paisley asks him, “where are you going?” Allen shakes his head, saying he thought he knew.

Paisley hands him the guitar as it glows. He says it found it and thought of him. Allen says he thought it faded away. Paisley tells him it appears in different places. It has a pattern to it. Allen touches it and feels the history within it. Paisley says he’s a part of it now. Allen and Paisley sing their favorite song together as he plays the guitar.

Directors: Jimmie Allen & Christopher Beyrooty Year: 2021

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