Video Review: Rihanna “Pour It Up”

Rihanna walks in money embellished stilettos and a long fur coat in water to her gold throne. Wearing a rhinestone bikini, she sits in the chair. Lit in lime green, she holds onto the pole and shakes her butt. Three twentysomething woman climb the pole and perform, a bright white light shining on them.

On her throne, she sits backwards and shakes her butt. A ring floats on top of the water. She tosses money and bites a bill in her mouth. Wearing a black bra top attached to a fishnet outfit and a Chanel belt, she leans against the wall. She sits on the pile of money on the floor.

Rating: 3/5

Rihanna lifts up her glass as she dances with her friends. A fortysomething man taps her on the shoulder. He says she can dance on her on the platform. Rihanna burst out laughing, saying it’ll cost him. He says he’s willing to pay. She tells him her price. He compliments her on her dancing but says he’s going in a different direction.

She takes off her sunglasses as she lies on a lounge in a Caribbean resort. A twentysomething man gives her a drink. She sips it as she stares at the water. On her phone, she schedules a speaking engagement and confirms her spot at a conference. Next month was going to be busy for her. She made up her own schedule and worked when she wanted. The beach had gotten boring.

She sits in the front row at a fashion show. Back when she was dancing at strip clubs, she view the photographs of celebrities online watching the show. She vowed she’d get herself there someday. In between night shifts at the strip club, she took dance classes and incorporated it into her routine. She had been able to break out after a wealthy client noticed her talent. He bankrolled her how-to videos and got celebrities to take classes with her. Within a few years, she was a multi-millionaire. She no longer answered to her wealthy client

Director: Vincent Haycock Year: 2013

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