Video Review: Ed Sheeran “Overpass Graffiti”

A twentysomething man talks with a second twentysomething man at the gas station. He hands the twentysomething man the key to the bathroom. Ed Sheeran walks out of the bus and nods at the second twentysomething man as he mops the floor. Sheeran leans against the glass window in the beverage aisle, dancing as he waits.

Sheeran urinates by the tires and races after the bus. He yells “fuck!” while the fiftysomething man, his hands on the steering wheel, dances his seat as he drives the bus on the road. Sheeran walks on the shoulder of the road and sits on a bench with mailboxes. A van stops and a twentysomething woman gestures for him to get inside. He sits in the van and smiles as the twentysomething woman flicks a third twentysomething man’s hat. He plays music with them.

The twentysomething woman and her friends swim at the lake. He floats on a tube and watches the twentysomething woman jump off the club. In the water, she shows her friends her bikini top. They clap and cheer for her. At night, he and his friends scream as a sixtysomething man approaches them in the forest. They run to an DJ’s outdoor concert. Lit in electric blue, he talks with the sixtysomething man. Opening his shirt, he sees his tattoos glowing in the dark. He and his friends dance. Sheeran falls to the ground.

A fiftysomething man reads the newspaper article, “Where Is Ed?” as he sits on his motorcycle. In the morning, Sheeran gets up from the pavement and walks by a group of bikers. The fiftysomething man shows Sheeran his “perfect” tattoo. A fortysomething man pokes him in the shoulder. His friends from the lake see “Ed Missing” on the news and their jaws drop. He smiles at his friends from the lake as he rides on the motorcycle with the fiftysomething man.

While on the motorcycle, he hugs the fiftysomething man. He shouts “wooo!” and falls off. Taking off his helmet, he stands by the road. A second thirtysomething man and thirtysomething woman pick him up in their car. He sits in the backseat with their kids. The kids slap his hand as they play in the backseat. They scream as the thirtysomething man stops the car in front of a bus. He knocks on the door. A fourth thirtysomething man says, “ah, tiny ginger man.” Sheeran asks him, “where are you going?” The fourth thirtysomething man responds “everywhere!” Sheeran asks “can I come?” The fourth thirtysomething man tells him yes. Sheeran gets in the bus.

Rating: 2/5

Ed Sheeran eats some churros at the carnival. In between bites, he shifts the lever on the Ferris Wheel. The carnival will close in another hour. There was one more day to go and he’ll have earned enough for a bus ticket. He walks around the middle school parking lot. A police officer shines his flashlight on him and asks him why he’s there.

Sheeran sits in the police station, explaining his involvement with the carnival. He assures them he saw no criminal activity and identifies a third twentysomething man for him. He says he covered shifts for him and wonders aloud, “so that is why he was counting money all the time?” Apparently, the third twentysomething man was creating fake identifies for others. He shrugs as the police officer reads off the charges.

He reads a magazine as he sits in his plane seat. The pilot says they have to land in another city due to a thunderstorm He holds onto his seat and prays while the plane nosedives. The city was two hours from home. He races to the rental car section at the airport, asking if he could get a car. Using his driver’s license which the third twentysomething man created for him, the clerk issues him a key. As he drives, he breathes a sigh of relief. He sings along with the radio and turns on the air conditioner as he drives. An hour into his drive, the car stalls. He stands by the shoulder of the road as the engine smokes.

Director: Jason Koenig Year: 2021

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