Video Review: Monica “Everything To Me”

Walking into her home, Monica sees a twentysomething woman leaning against her couch in black-and-white. Back in color, Monica walks to the lectern in the courtroom. Wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, she sings against a peanut coated background.

She sits on the bench at the park and watches her husband (Chad Johnson) talk with their daughter. Their daughter runs with two other children. She and her husband share a laugh as he tosses a football. A twentysomething woman stands by the tree and grabs their daughter as she gets off the slide. Monica shouts “Chad!” and the twentysomething woman lets go of their daughter’s hand. Monica hugs her daughter.

Monica, her husband and their daughter walk past by a restaurant. A twentysomething man and second twentysomething woman ask for an autograph. They pause as the twentysomething woman stares at them. She follows them to their car and taps on her husband’s shoulder. Monica turns her head, a finger by her ear as she looks out the window.

Monica and her husband sit on the family room carpet, drinking champagne. He kisses her wedding ring. The judge nods his head as he listens to Monica talk in court. Her husband and their lawyer whisper to one another. Monica talks to her husband as he sits in the car with their daughter. The twentysomething woman and Monica fight in the family room. The judge hits his gavel. The bailiff takes away the twentysomething woman. Monica hugs her husband. They hold hands as they walk out of the courtroom.

Rating: 5/5

Monica pauses as she steps into her house. Her daughter runs to her toy box and calls for her to play with her. Monica tells her, “I’ll be there in a minute, honey” and checks the hallway and looks around the family. It seemed safe. Her husband was out with his friends for the evening. It’ll be in early morning once he gets home.

She hears a clanging noise. Her daughter makes “vroom” sounds as she plays. Monica asks her to be quiet for a moment. Her daughter asks, “is it that mean lady again?” Monica moves a curtain and says she doesn’t think so. She checks the kitchen. Everything was in place. She glances at her daughter in the family room.

She lies awake in bed and gets up to look at her phone. Her husband had last texted her he’d be home by 2 a.m. The clock on her phone read: 2:30 a.m. She tells her it’s a half hour and he may have left late. Back in bed, she lays on her side and stares at the wall. A door opens and she sits up. Her husband turns on the light and asks if she’s okay. Monica says she’s just started. He gives her a kiss and tells her she’s safe now.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2010

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