Video Review: Baltimora “Tarzan Boy”

Jimmy McShane dances within the photos of a Tarzan Boy article. The article splits into four screens. It gradually adds the second photo. In the first photo, the page has transformed into a home. It changes to electric blue as he continues to dance. Against a hunter green background, he pulls his jacket down as he dances. A touch of pink is added against the electric blue background.

The screen splits into four screens of the article. The background changes from electric blue to hot pink and ice blue. The colors continue to rotate as he dances.

Rating: 1/5

Jimmy McShane bumps into the door. He turns the knob and opens it, walking into his home. The space was still overwhelming him after living in the forest for years. He sits on the couch and peels the vegetable with his hand. The skin lands on the floor as he eats it. He steps on it and tries to balance himself. However, he falls onto the floor.

A stench fills the house. He finds the rags in the drawers and cleans it up. Cleaning, he was realizing, was necessary. In the forest, he could search for another spot to get away from a carcass. However, the smell was contained within the home. It was simply too much.

The phone rings. McShane side-eyes it and shrugs. It made noise. He knew it meant no harm. It was attached to the home once he starting to live there. A person usually asked for a Tom or Jane. He walks to the backyard and creates a net for himself.

Director: N/A Year: 1985–6CdAypJsQ

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