Video Review: Neiked, Mae Muller & Polo G “Better Days”

Circa 1970s, a fortysomething woman, a twentysomething woman and fortysomething man talk on their morning show on television. Mae Muller puts her hand on her cheek as she sits by the edge of the bed. She puts her feet on the television as she lies on the floor.

On television, a second twentysomething woman (also Mueller) points to areas of the map as she gives the weather. Mueller files her nails as she listens. Neiked reports during a thunderstorm. Mueller sits on the couch. As she talks on the phone, she eats candy from a bowl. She holds her high heels as she sits by the cabinet in the family room.

The fortysomething woman introduces Mae Muller before her performance. Mueller lies on a drawing of Earth as she sings on television. Back in the family room, she sighs as she watches Polo G on television. The second twentysomething fans herself as she talks about the weather. Neiked sits on a stool and plays the guitar on the talk show. On her bed, she spritzes herself with perfume and throws popcorn. Neiked plays guitar on the beach.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mae Muller blows her nose as she watches a soap opera for the third day in a row. She exclaims “no, no, no” as Bo kisses his step-sister (which was unknown to them). Back when she was in middle school, Bo was a strapping 16-year-old boy trying to hold down a job and sneaking out of the house to see his girlfriend, Beth. She shouts for him to find Beth.

She sneezes as she walks to the bathroom. Opening the medicine cabinet, she takes some cough syrup. Her throat was better. However, she still had a coughing fit every couple of hours. She had gone to the doctor earlier on Monday and he advised to rest for the week. Being home turned out to be productive. She pretended to play on her favorite game show and applied. On the talk shows, she practiced the recipes and finally mastered baking a chicken.

As she sits by the bed, she blinks as she sees herself on television. It had been recorded awhile ago. She tries to sing. However, her voice was scratchy. She envisions herself as the weather person, hiking up her skirt as talks about the rain. She puts her hand on her forehead. It felt warm. She lies on the floor and falls asleep. Perhaps in the morning, she’ll know who she was again.

Director: Tom Dream Year: 2021

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