Video Review: Shedaisy “Little Good-Byes”

A limousine drives by the studio. Kassidy, Kelsi and Kristyn walk into the studio. A photographer films standing together against a white backdrop. As they get their hair done, they talk to each other as they sit in the chairs. Kelsi and Kristyn sit on a stool, Kassidy stands by hers as a crew member brushes the floor.

Kristyn and Kelsi check the back of Kassidy’s sweater. They sing as they sit or lean on the stools. Kelsi and Kristyn stare at the lights while the photographer adjusts it. Kassidy waves. They talk between photographs. Black-and-white photos of them sit on a table. They continue to sing as they sit or lean on the stool.

Rating: 2/5

Kassidy taps a photo of her and says it’s her favorite. Kristyn snorts as she laughs, saying Kelsi’s eyes are crossed. They can’t use it. Kelsi exclaims “oh my god!” Kassidy picks up a photo and says she didn’t even know the photograph was taking pictures. Kelsi says she’s going to talk to the photographer about getting negative for it. Kassidy says “no!” and tucks it behind her back. She places it back on the table as they return to the white background.

Kelsi says she’s sweating from the lights and looks at her shoulders. She asks if they can take a break. One of the stylists gestures for her to come over. They have a spare sweater she can wear instead. Kelsi walks to the rack of clothing and chooses her size. The photographer says he’ll just take photos of Kassidy for awhile then. Kassidy fluffs her hair as she poses.

Kristyn says it’s the most glamorous she felt in a long time. Kelsi says she wants to change into jeans and a t-shirt once she gets home. Kassidy says she’s wiping off the makeup and taking a nap. Kristyn grins and says a nap would be so good right now. Kelsi giggles, saying she had a fun day with them. Kristyn says she’s nervous about their album. Kassidy squeezes her arm and says they’ve done a good job. Kelsi nods, saying it’s up to God now. They pray together on the ride home.

Director: David Hogan Year: 1999

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