Video Review: Young Thug “Tick Tock”

Lit in neon pink, a sign over a skyscraper reads “Thug Inc.” Young Thug parks his car in the parking garage. Wearing a hot pink fur coat, he says gestures “hello” to the sixtysomething man. The sixtysomething man nods at him as he holds a chicken on a plate. A fortysomething man continues to stand next to him.

A twentysomething woman, in a suit, walks among the spiders as she walks into the lobby of the office. The second twentysomething woman, working at the receptionist’s desk, stares at him. Thug leans against the desk in his office. The twentysomething woman watches as a second fortysomething man is carried away by two thirtysomething men. A second fortysomething man examines a woman’s nails as she stands, handcuffed to a desk.

Thug raps against a black background. A group of twentysomething women stand in an office. Thug walks by the cubicles and watches the twentysomething people design logos on their tablets. The group of twentysomething women hold tablets in the center of the office while Thug stands on a platform. Two twentysomething women film a third twentysomething woman. One of the women uploads online.

A hologram of a triangle hovers over Thug and the group of twentysomething women in the center of the office. Within it, a person spray paints “sell.” In the cubicles, the twentysomething people break their phones and dance. Money flies over Thug and the group of the twentysomething women.

Rats surround the Thug’s car. Thug drives a field of dandelions. His car flies over the hot pink trees in the forest. A second group of twentysomething women, in cheerleading uniforms, shake their pom-poms on a cloud. His car spins around in a studio while Thug dances within a large phone on display. His car drives through an animated man’s ear. An animated woman’s eyes pop out into squares. The squares fly around a second animated woman, who gives the finger. His animated car flies over a giant roach.

Rating: 5/5

Young Thug goes over the numbers with the group of twentysomething women. One of the twentysomething woman tells him about a beauty influencer. She says they exemplify their brand and she’s been in contact with her. The beauty influencer is a huge fan and would like to be involved. Thug approves her sending product to her.

The twentysomething woman, in a suit, taps the second twentysomething woman’s desk and asks her if she received any calls. The second twentysomething woman huffs, “no.” The twentysomething woman says “okay.” She’ll have to follow up on her own. The second twentysomething woman seemed to respond to Young Thug’s requests. She sends out an email to the company, instructing them on proper etiquette towards their co-workers.

The third twentysomething woman asks to do another take. Her presentation didn’t seem strong off. She may have forgotten a hashtag. The two twentysomething women watch it and nod at each other. The fourth twentysomething woman says they are going to send it to be edited. The fifth twentysomething woman says she followed the script in an authentic way. The third twentysomething woman grabs her things and tells them to have a nice night as she walks out the office.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2021

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