Video Review: Christina Aguilera “Fighter”

A moth flutters its wings as it crawls on the ground. Christina Aguilera, as larva, stands in a glass box. A twentysomething woman, wearing a tutu, waves her hands over it. She and two twentysomething women, also wearing tutus, dance using moth pins. They eat bite into their apples. Aguilera smashes the glass with her hand and breaks through.

Aguilera walks, using her moth pins. The three twentysomething women follow behind her. She throws her pins and burrows underneath her black kimono. It unravels on her body as she sits with her eyes closed, her dress and hair white. She climbs the wall and finds a spot for her cocoon. Moths fly to her. Wearing a black bodysuit and a tattered skirt, she flexes her muscles as she walks. While she’s lit in scarlet red, the ground shakes.

Rating: 5/5

Christina Aguilera sucks nectar out of a flower. A dog bites at her and she flies over it. She views the houses in the suburban neighborhood. A fortysomething man swats at her while he mows the lawn. Water sprays her from the sprinkler, dragging her wings in the air.

She spreads her wings within the bush and falls asleep. Bright lights from an ambulance wake her up and she scurries to find another spot. A bird or squirrel could find her. She flies to the next street and sleeps in another bush. While she sleeps, she imagines the three twentysomething woman in tutus attacking her.

She waits for the male to find her on the perch. A male moth turns to her and she feels him within her. In her body, the eggs form. She thinks of the bustle of people on the boardwalk. The neon lights of the city at night. People cheering during a football game. She lays her eggs and sighs, knowing she had a good life.

Director: Floria Sigismondi  Year: 2003


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