Video Review: Lorde “Fallen Fruit”

Lorde walks past a wooden circle erected in forest. At night, the circle burns as she continues to walk. Sheets blow in the wind as she passes by a clothesline. Back to night, they remain still. On the beach, two fortysomething people talk near a tent. At night, the tent lies in disarray.

On the beach, a twentysomething woman stands in the ocean. A twentysomething man cleans his boat. People pray as they sit in a circle. At night, the people run on the sand. She returns to the wooden circle and takes some fruit from the bowl. In the darkness, the fruit has become dust. Back in the light, she walks towards the ocean. At night, a branch on a tree burns. A van waits for her. She walks to it. A thirtysomething man hands her a bottle of water and puts a jacket on her. She sits in the backseat of the van while the video summarizes itself.

Rating: 2/5

Lorde bends over in pain and lets out a silent scream. The energy of the world had shifted to an evil force. It was rattling inside, it’s teeth biting at her organs. Her hands on the wall, she tries to regain her strength. She gathers crystals and a stick of incense.

The flame from the incense melts the votive. She shouts as she grabs the hose as it the flames travel in the family room. Within the smoke, an deranged face forms, mocking her with a cackle. The water dissolves it. Hand on the rails, she walks upstairs to her bedroom. A nap would allow her to recharge.

She searches for a copy of a form she filled out a month ago. No response had been received from the company. She calls up the store and asks them, “what’s going on?” They tell her, “unfortunately, it was a scam and we cannot refund your money.” She ends the phone call and steps out onto her porch, seeing the deranged face somewhere in the clouds.

Directors: Joel Kefali & Lorde Year: 2021

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