Video Review: Parker McCollum “To Be Loved By You”

Parker McCollum walks by a bridge. At night, he and his band play in a parking lot. He gets inside the car parked underneath the bridge. Hands on the steering wheel, he stares at the road and drives off. As he drives, he looks over his shoulder and passes the fields. He does donuts in the parking lot at night.

Rating: 1/5

Parker McCollum slams his hands on the steering wheel at a traffic light. Every light he has gotten so far has been red. A car honks at him as he drives over to the crossover, pauses at the stop sign and heads into the right lane. He puts his foot on the gas and speeds ten miles over the limit.

He opens his second can of beer as he sits on the couch. A twentysomething woman, his roommate’s girlfriend, asks if he minds if she changes the channel. McCollum sighs, says he’s watching the game. She tells him “okay” and returns to the bedroom. His roommate walks in, telling him his girlfriend has been patient. McCollum throws him the remote and says the television is theirs.

McCollum drives to a parking lot, at night, and screams as he does donuts. While he turns the steering wheel, he tries to avoid the poles. However, he nicks the side of his car. McCollum curses and gets out the car. He examines the marks on his car and calls the second twentysomething woman. Hand on his forehead, he leans against his car and hangs his head. She texts back, “I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes.” He closes her message and wonders if he was just a friend, why did she answer so fast.

Director: Peter Zavadil. Year: 2021

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