Video Review: Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware “Kiss of Life”

Circa 1970s, a fortysomething man shakes the sauce in the frying pan at Ave Mario restaurant in London, England. Jessie Ware, in Saint Laurent, calls out “attention!” As she chops tomatoes, she tells the chefs, “I need you to be on your a-1 behavior.” A second fortysomething man plays the drum in the dining area.

Kylie Minogue, wearing Valentino, steps out of the elevator and tips her sunglasses to her nose.  Wearing Saint Laurent, She slides into a booth with a fiftysomething man and a thirtysomething woman. Ware walks to Minogue’s table. Minogue drinks a glass of wine and puts her hand on the fortysomething man’s cheek. A fortysomething nun watches as Minogue eats a bowl of spaghetti. The thirtysomething woman slaps the fortysomething man. A twentysomething woman gasps.

Minogue grits her teeth as Ware snatches the microphone. Ware sings to the crowd as Minogue forms a conga line. They talk at a table. A third hand strokes Minogue’s cheek. Ware pulls at Minogue’s hand and takes out the hook. Minogue faints on the floor. A group of women rush to her. Ware calms down the patrons. Minogue sits in the hallway, putting on lipstick as Ware serves meals. Minogue sings into the microphone as Ware takes plates from tables and eats from a second thirtysomething woman’s bowl of spaghetti. Ware freaks out. A twentysomething man and woman put their arms around her and they carry her out. Back at home, As Minogue writes on her typewriter, she says “thank you for such a wonderful meal. It’s a five-star experience!”

Rating: 2/5

Jessie Ware licks her finger as she turns the pages in the newspaper. Kylie Minogue’s review had to run by now. She reads the first sentence, “Mario’s is an instant delight with charming dishes and vibrant atmosphere.” Ware wipes her forehead and continues to read. Further in the article, Minogue writes “the ambience was tempered by a frenzied staff and patrons who gawked at the feckless owner as she tried to figure out what she was doing.”

Ware sits in the kitchen, her head in her hands, saying it’s over. Her finest accomplishment is going to fail. She’s going to lose everything. One of the chefs pats her shoulder, telling her it’ll be okay. He whispers to one of his co-workers that she’s stressed out more than usual.

The patrons tiptoe around Ware. She forces herself not to glare at a twentysomething woman picking at her pizza. A thirtysomething woman says Minogue’s review was right on the food. Ware grins and says it’s so good to have them there. She tells the thirtysomething woman’s server to give her a complimentary piece of cake. She places her hands on her counter and sees the fortysomething man sprinkle parsley on a dish. Waving her hand, she tells him to stop and searches for pepper. Pepper will enhance the dish. The twentysomething woman waits behind the counter for Ware as she shakes pepper on it. Ware says “it’s good to go now” and hands it to the twentysomething woman. Ware sighs, It was so difficult to find a capable staff nowadays.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2021

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