Video Review: Miranda Lambert “All Kinds of Kinds”

In black-and-white, a seventysomething man, wearing a POW/MIA hat holds a sign reading “Sacrifice Kind.” A twentysomething woman makes a funny face as she holds a sign stating “Crazy Kind.” A tattooed twentysomething man’s sign says “livin’ the dream kind.” Lit in scarlet red, Miranda Lambert dances by the microphone as she performs in concert.

Back in black-and-white, she sits backstage, singing with her band as they sit on the couch. She hangs on her arm on the microphone stand. A 10-year-old girls stands with her mom, grandma and great-grandma in the backyard. The great-grandma’s sign says “4 generations kind.” Two fortysomething man stand by a tractor with a “farmer kind” sign. A second twentysomething woman smiles as her sign says “helping kind.” Back in color, Lambert pets her dog as she talks with her band backstage.

Lit in royal blue, Lambert stands with her guitar onstage. Back in black-and-white, a second thirtysomething man holds up a “love the outdoors kind” sign. A second fortysomething man carries a “survivor kind” sign as he stands on the sidewalk. She and her fans sway their hands back and forth. It changes to color.

Rating: 3/5

The second fortysomething man sits at his desk and deletes some 30 e-mails in his inbox. It was his first full week vacation. He traveled to Florida on his own. Sitting by the beach, he let his toes dig in the sand and burned his skin. At the airport, he talked with his therapist and told her he was picking up his luggage. His therapist wanted to know about the beach. He said it was freeing and knew no one was behind him.

The twentysomething woman screams as she skydives. It was amazing. It was frightening and she wanted to do it again. She lands on the ground, her adrenaline flowing. Her hand shielding her eyes, she watches as a fortysomething man yells as he approaches the ground. She shouts “you don’t have much to go!” A thirtysomething man sends her a video. Her friends were going to freak out once they saw it.

The twentysomething woman wheels a seventysomething man in his wheelchair. He says he wants to go outside. He hasn’t seen the sky in days. She opens the door and points to the clouds. He says he’s going to miss it. The twentysomething woman tells him he’ll be home in a week. The seventysomething man taps her hand and tells her she’s a good person and asks her if her shift is over. The twentysomething woman says she’s going to stay another hour.

Director: Bluford Sanders Year: 2013

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