Video Review: Jon Pardi “Tequila Little Time”

Jonathan Pardi rides his bicycle to Flora-Bama bar and parks it in the back. A twentysomething woman hangs up a lost dog sign. Pardi and a mariachi band play near the bar. He pours the ice and cuts the limes, cleans the counter and says hello the twentysomething woman.

She shows him the flyer of her missing dog, Cowboy. He staples the sign to the pole and gives her a rag for her face. She wipes the tears from her face with the rag. He shakes the container and they laugh. They clink their glasses together and drink.

Cowboy walks on the pier and a fortysomething man pets him. A group of twentysomething women play volleyball on the beach. Cowboy sits on the sand and watches them. Pardi dances with the twentysomething woman as the mariachi band plays. Cowboy chases the volleyball. The group of twentysomething women pet him. He, the twentysomething woman and the mariachi band drink shots. Cowboy walks through the door of the bar and watches the twentysomething woman dance. Pardi and the twentysomething woman pet Cowboy.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman puts the harness on her dog, Cowboy. She walks to the Flora-Bama bar. Pardi waves hello and says “hello, buddy!” to Cowboy. She orders a summer salad and some wine. Pardi kisses her on the cheek between customers. She sneaks some chicken to Cowboy.

Pardi puts his cloth away and walks to her. She, Pardi and Cowboy take a walk on the couch. Cowboy barks at the seagulls. Pardi says he got next Saturday off and he’ll be able to go to her parents’ anniversary dinner. She says they don’t even suspect anything. Pardi says her brother texted her directions to the marina. Her parents are going to be amazed by it.

Cowboy sits on the twentysomething woman’s lap as she watches television. Pardi rubs Cowboy’s ears and says he’s such a good boy. Cowboy stretches out on his lap and whines. The twentysomething woman tells Cowboy, “ok, we’ll get your belly.” Pardi says he’s so glad they were able to find him. The twentysomething woman says she would be inconsolable without Cowboy. She kisses Pardi and says he really helped her feel better that day.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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