Video Review: Kelsea Ballerni & Kenny Chesney “Half Of My Hometown”

A twentysomething man pulls down the door of the Black Tie moving fan. Kelsea Ballerini, at 15 years old, talks to her best friends and tells them, “you can visit whenever you like.” The 15-year-old girl says, “so like, next weekend?” She hugs both the 15-year-old girls, saying, “I’m going to miss you guys,.”

She hangs up her cheer jacket from her former high school in her closet. On television, she sees an advertisement for Knoxville, Tennessee and cries. She thinks of going to the movies with the two 15-year-old girls and running through the halls of the high school. While in her room, she imagines taking the for sale sign off the house and living in her home in Knoxville.

Kelsea Ballerini walks by on the sidewalk as her mom unpacks the truck. Back at the high school, she talks with her friends between cheers. Her mom takes pictures of them at graduation. At 20 years old, she laughs as she cuts hair at the salon. She stares into her baby’s eyes while she sits in the hospital bed. Her best friends and their children hang out with her at the park. One of her best friends’ 2-year-old boy leans into her baby. She runs into a twentysomething man at the grocery store and talks with him as he holds his baby.

Ballerini walks in the football. Twentysomething Ballerini drives and sees Kenny Chesney on the marquee for the Civic Auditorium and Coliseum and imagines her name on it instead. In her Nashville home, 15-year-old Ballerini opens her guitar case and smiles as she see two tickets. Real life footage of Ballerini performing at award shows and concerts follow. Twentysomething Ballerini takes off her earrings and grins as she sees herself on television.

Rating: 5/5

Kelsea Ballerini, at 15 years old, shouts “you’re not being fair!” to her mom. Her mom tells her that she’s not going out the quarterback. He’s too old for her. Ballerini says but he likes her and she can’t just say no. Her mom says she’ll understand it once she’s older. Ballerini slams the door and says she hates her.

Ballerini flips through a magazine as she says she wants to move Nashville. One of her best friends says, “you can’t go!” Ballerini says she and her husband aren’t getting along well. Things have been weird since she found her guitar in the closet. Her best friend tells her it was the way it was supposed to go. They’ll go to a concert, sing along and have fun for the night. It’ll be like old times. Online, she splurges for meet-and-greet tickets.

Ballerini sings for Kenny Chesney backstage. He says she’s a beautiful singer and he’ll have to let his manager know. He shakes her hand and it was nice to meet her. Ballerini says she’s honored. Her best friend puts her arm around her and tells her “it was a good try.”

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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