Video Review: Shaggy & Rayvon “Angel”

Two animated women stand back-to-back. The animated woman with the red outfit kicks the women with the white outfit. Shaggy walks down a white hallway while a flames lick the sides. A twentysomething woman, wearing white, stands on the stairs. A second twentysomething woman puts her arm around him.

A second twentysomething woman, wearing red, walks to Shaggy and Rayvon on the tarmac. Shaggy and Rayvon dance by a parked car on the road. Shaggy checks out the twentysomething woman, in red, and slips off the stairs of the plane. The second twentysomething woman catches him.

Shaggy and Rayvon drive off. He sees the second twentysomething woman walking her dog on the sidewalk and stares at her. The light turns red and he narrow misses another car. The twentysomething woman drives through the other car. Shaggy sits with a group of twentysomething women, wearing white. At night, Shaggy and Rayvon dance by the car.

Shaggy and Rayvon walk into their hotel room. The second twentysomething woman stares into Shaggy’s eyes and uses her powers to loosen the chandelier. The twentysomething woman appears and gives him a key. Shaggy, sitting in a lounge chair on the beach, checks out the second twentysomething woman. She stirs up a earthquake. The twentysomething woman taps him on the shoulder. On the plane, the twentysomething woman wakes him up as they cuddle in their seat. They get off the plane and he opens the limousine door for her.

Rating: 3/5

Shaggy walks around in heaven. A group of twentysomething women gesture for him to join them. He describes the twentysomething woman and if anyone has seen her. One of the twentysomething women asks him, “she’s not with you?” He shakes his head and says he doesn’t know what to do. A third twentysomething woman says he’s safe here and they have to contact God.

The second twentysomething woman giggles as she stands over the twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman struggles to free herself from the speeding car. The second twentysomething woman smokes a cigarette and calls up Satan and tells him she finally took care of it.

Shaggy zaps back onto Earth. The twentysomething woman sits up, gasping. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says he saved her. Shaggy say it was her friends up in heaven who helped. She kisses him on the cheek and says they know how much she wanted to be a human again, live another life. Shaggy and the twentysomething woman watch as the second twentysomething woman screams and turns to dust. The twentysomething woman rests her head on his shoulder, saying they don’t have to be fearful anymore.

Director: Cameron Casey Year: 2001

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