Video Review: Benson Boone “Ghost Town”

In black-and-white, birds fly off a building. Benson Boone, a twentysomething woman and two twentysomething men lie on the basketball court, staring at the sky. The twentysomething woman raises her hands in the air as he drives. One of the twentysomething man leans forward from the backseat. They drive over a bridge.

The two twentysomething men run across the street. He and the twentysomething woman hold hands.  The twentysomething woman films him as he does a backflip on the sand and lands with his hand resting on his cheek. He and the two twentysomething men help the twentysomething woman fly a kite. The four of them sit at the shore and talk. One of twentysomething men knocks the twentysomething woman and Boone over. He runs around Boone and the twentysomething as they stare at one another.

The two twentysomething pretend the sticks are swords in the forest and fight. The four of them hike on the trail. He swings from a vine and jumps into the water. Wiping off his face, he swims to the twentysomething woman and kisses her as she sits on a rock. Their friends flip off the cliff. In the car, he puts lipstick on her lips. She sits with him as he plays the piano. Back at home, he does a backflip over the twentysomething woman and the two twentysomething men on the balcony. The four of them hang out at his tree house and dance by the car in the forest.

Rating: 5/5

Benson Boone drives to the campsite by himself. Craning his neck, he double-checks if he brought the kite. It was on the floor. He brakes quickly as he reaches a light. Maybe the twentysomething woman might be there. Perhaps the two twentysomething men will join them at the lake.

He builds a campfire and roasts some hot dogs. Out of habit, he packed several extras. He twirls the hot dog in the fire, burning it. Throwing it into the garbage bag, he cooks another one. He looks to the sides of him. This time, last year, he and his friends were joking. It was one of the best days of his life.

He hadn’t seen the two twentysomething men since the camping trip. They started hanging together on their own  with a new group of friends. Every once in a while, they sent texts to him, saying it’s been forever and no follow through. The twentysomething woman had gotten stuck in the middle. She was dating one of the twentysomething men. He had picked up on it but dismissed it. They were best friends and they’d get past their issues. Boone packs up his pots and lays out his sleeping bag.

Directors: Matt Eastin & Ty Arnold Year: 2021


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