Video Review: Joan Osborne “One of Us”

Filmed in sepia, a car drives to Coney Island in Brooklyn. New York. Joan Osborne sings against a black background. A train drives on the rail. People ride on the rollercoaster. In silhouette, several people walk in line. A 12-year-old boy pulls at the gears. A fortysomething man places his head into the face hole and smiles into a plastic cut-out of robed man. The twentysomething man takes a picture and motions for the next person in line.

People sit on chairs and underneath umbrellas on the beach. A second fortysomething man, with Jesus tattooed on his chest, stands on the beach. Osborne dances against the black background. A second twentysomething man, wearing a white robe with wings, stands by wooden poles. A sixtysomething man stretches his arms on the deck. An 8-year-old makes sand angels on the beach. Three twentysomething women grin as they walk together.

A man on stilts walks through the crowd. A thirtysomething man holds up a long stick of cotton candy to sell. A second fortysomething man, dressed as the Pope, stands by the shore. Several children get sprayed by water. The second twentysomething man continues to walk.

Rating: 3.5/5

A fortysomething woman declares “Jesus saved me!” as she gets off the roller coaster. She says she feel her body loosening from the straps and something fixed it for her. The fortysomething man pats her back and says it’s good she’s safe. She sees the twentysomething man, wearing a robe with wings and drops to her knees. The second twentysomething man bows to her.

The second twentysomething man rides the go-karts and the Ferris wheel. He witnessed a couple miracles. Although people attributed it to him, he didn’t have the heart to tell them he rented the robe from the costume store across the street. He wanted to be an angel, someone who took risks. But instead, he walked the amusement park all day, wasting time.

The 10-year-old boy creates a sand angel. He knew the angels in the sky and talked to them whenever he played. Pointing to the angel, he says her name is Kate. His parents take his hand and tell him they should get lunch. The 10-year-old boy waves to the second twentysomething man. To his parents, he says, that man is going to rescue three people from the water in a few days. His mom tells him not to be silly and gives him his hot dog.

Directors: Mark Seliger & Fred Woodward Year: 1995

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