Video Review: Case “Missing You”

Case walks on the sand during the day and stands on a hill. He looks out of the door. A twentysomething woman walks behind him. She disappears and he stands by himself. He sits on the bed. She lies on the bed, reaching for her purse. He sits on the first step of his pool. They lie together in bed.

She dips her hand in the water by the pool. He whispers in her ear in bed. She gazes at him as he strokes her neck. He continues to walk in the desert.

Rating: 2/5

Case drinks some water as he walks in the desert. His constant thirst was all he could think about. A flash of the twentysomething woman distracts him as sits on the sand. She was searing through his thoughts. He shakes his head and dusts off the sand on his map.

He’d been walking for almost a week. It was his journey to forget her. But she was the one person who kept him going. About a dozen times a day, he thought of turning back and returning home. However, he had to become a better person for her.

Case sends a text message of his location to his friend. His friend responds “ok.” He knows there won’t be any further details. He continues walk as the sun burns his skin and reminds himself of why he was there. He had to finish.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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