Video Review: RaeLynn “God Made Girls”

RaeLynn sits at a campfire at night. In the morning, she lies on the grass, staring into her mirror. An 8-year-old girl sits at the vanity and sees RaeLynn in her reflection. RaeLynn carries a ladder and places it near the moon. A twentysomething woman pets a horse and rides it in the forest.

A 13-year-old girl performs a ballet routine on stage. The 8-year-old girl spins around in the forest. An 8-year-old boy watches her from behind the tree. She catches a feather. RaeLynn walks barefoot down marble stairs which towards the sky, and sits. At night, the 8-year-old opens her hand and sees a glowing pastel crystal. The 13-year-old kisses the 5-year-old girl as she walks up to stage. The 8-year-old boy and girl watch the crystal ball in awe. RaeLynn walks between the sparks floating in the air by her campfire.

Rating: 2.5/5

The 13-year-old girl munches on chips as she watches a basketball game on low volume. Her mom knocks on the door of her bedroom, asking if she’s okay. She hides the chips under her pillow and turns off the television. Her mother comments, “you’re so quiet, are you okay?” She says she’s tired from practice and relaxing. Her mother says she’s such a dedicated girl,

The 13-year-old girl watches the girls in her neighborhood, talk at the bus stop. A couple of them wore combat boots. Piercings covered their lips and noses. Their hair was the color of the rainbow. Her mom tells her, “I’m glad you never turned out like that” as they turn onto the main road.

The 13-year-old girl says she left something in her dorm room. She walks out of the building and heads to the park. While sitting on the bench, she watches as a group of 16-year-old boys play basketball. The ball rolls to her and she throws it back to them. Her phone beeps and beeps as her mom messages her, “where are you? What’s going on?” She runs back to the school.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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