Video Review: Debbie Harry “French Kissin”

Debbie Harry kicks her legs as she lies on her bed, channel surfing on the television. On television, she sees herself puts her finger to her lips as she stands by a window. A twentysomething woman reads a book and licks her lips. A second twentysomething woman eats a pastry. A third twentysomething tongues a life-sized plastic dinosaur at the zoo. A twentysomething man photographs a fourth twentysomething woman as she sits on a lounge chair at the pool.

Continuing on the television, Harry and several twentysomething leave lipstick marks on the screen. Two twentysomething women, wearing maid outfits, bump into each other as they dust. In black-and-white footage, a moon smiles with a rocket in its eye. Within the moon, Harry winks. Back in color, a fifth twentysomething woman cringes as she sits at awards show. A sixth twentysomething woman and third twentysomething man kiss. A couple of twentysomething women walk by the Empire State Building at night. They fall into a pool. Harry dances the people inside a store.

Harry, back on her bed, claps as a fourth twentysomething man sits on a horse, playing guitar as they pass the Hollywood sign. A fifth twentysomething man holds a toy airplane to his crotch as he walks. Harry turns off the television and puts the sheet over her head.

Rating: 2.5/5

Debbie Harry settles on a game show as she watches television. She guesses the answers while she sits on her bed. One of the contestants looked familiar. She thinks she may have gone to school with him. During the trivia section, he shares a wild and crazy story, shocking the audience. She sits up, biting on the end of the remote control. He was the stranger in the bar after all.

She lets the sitcom play in the background as she gets her toothbrush. It was a re-run she’d seen a few times already. Peeking her head out of the door, she waits for the male actor to say his catchphrase. She says it in unison and laughs. The show usually put her in a good mood.

She leaves the television on as she goes to the sleep. In her dreams, she imagines new kitchen gadgets and a former model talking about the benefits of said products. A fuzzy noise drains out the former model’s voice and Harry takes over, breaking records as she preens for the audience. She opens her eyes and realizes she’s on a set in department store designer clothes, standing by a kitchen.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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