Video Review: Post Malone & The Weeknd “One Right Now”

The Weeknd walks by a room partitioned by bars. Post Malone smokes as he sits on a couch. On his phone, he buys a NFT. A twentysomething man leans over and whispers to him. The Weeknd shoots several people as lights flash. He high kicks a second twentysomething man and kills him. Two thirtysomething man shoot at him. He tosses a grenade from the stairs. He smiles as it explodes behind him.

Malone walks in a hallway, lined with twentysomething men, wearing suits. A third twentysomething man opens the weapons cabinet. Malone takes out a gun and cocks it. He carries and shoots men dressed like The Weeknd. The Weeknd reloads as Malone walks past the bodies. Malone lies on the floor, listening. They walk to towards each other. The Weeknd grabs a second thirtysomething man and uses him to shield him from Malone’s bullets. A bullet hits him. The Weeknd continues to shoot as he slides down the stairs. Dozens of twentysomething men shoot The Weeknd. With a bloodied shoulder, Malone opens the door. They both lie on the floor, staring into the barrel of the gun. Each shoot at the other’s forehead.

Rating: 1/5

The Weeknd loads his ammunition in a bag. Revenge was his. Post Malone wasn’t going to live to see the twentysomething woman again. The twentysomething woman urged him not to, telling him Malone wouldn’t fall for the trap. The Weeknd, waving his gun, says it has to be done. She wails, calling out “no, no” over and over.

The thirtysomething man and a fortysomething man discuss how to end the twentysomething woman. Post Malone tells them to stop that talk now. He’s the only one who’ll handle it. A second thirtysomething man runs up to him, saying The Weeknd has declared war. A second twentysomething woman spotted him on the sidewalk. Malone says, “let there be war.”

Malone had lost all his men. But he could have the twentysomething woman if he lived. The Weeknd growls, “I can’t let you see another day.” Malone fires at him. The Weeknd says “goodbye, my love” as he imagines the twentysomething woman. Malone rolls over from his wound, saying the twentysomething woman’s name with his last breath.

Director: Tanu Muino Year: 2021

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