Video Review: Amaarae & Moliy “Sad Girlz Luv Money”

Amaarae sits at her vanity and puts on her lipstick. She puts her hand over a electric ball. Licking her lips, she stares at photographs on a bulletin board. Her ceiling, decorated with garland, spins in her bedroom. She points her gun and places it in a drawer.

Her friends dance in her room. They smoke and take pictures. A couple of friends dance in the hot pink hallway. She drives a taxi at night. Her friends sing along to the radio. She lies in a ball pit. They drink at the bar. A mannequin blinks her eyes. She and her friends sit in chairs by the stripping poles and count money. They toss the money onto the floor.

Rating: 0/5

Amaarae withdraws $1,000 from her account. She tosses the slip, advising her of how much she’s left and walks out the bank. She was going to the casino and doubling the money. Her friend takes her share in her room and says it’s an investment. Amaarae tucks her gun in her purse. If there was problem, she’ll be able to handle it.

A second friend nods to the card as they play. Amaarae says she’s out. Her friend had a good hand. She sits at the table and gasps as her friend loses her all her money. Amaarae hisses at her, “what happened?” Her friend says she thought she had it and takes some more money out of her stash.

Amaarae walks to her old employer, the strip club, and sticks her tongue in the boss’ face. Her boss says he’ll see her back within the year. She curses at him and sneaks into his office. There was a hidden area where he kept the cash. She had to find it.

Director: Yinka Soda & Mutombo Year: 2021

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