Video Review: Weezer “Pork and Beans”

Based on the meme, “One Man Band,” Rivers, Brian, Scott and Patrick play their instruments in four different screens on the computer. The prairie dog turns its head, which recalls the Dramatic Chipmunk meme. A group resembling Mini-Moni laugh as the prairie dog sits on the ping-pong table as they talk to the host. The Afro Ninja flips over against a charcoal background.

Fritz and Stephen, wearing lab coats and goggles, open a bottle of Diet Coke. Stephen tosses his goggles to an animated man who talks to children in a GI Joe public service announcement. Diet Coke bottles pop open as Weezer performs in a backyard. Cara Cunningham stands up for Britney Spears. A computer screen, with her face, says: Crocker, all your pork and beans belong to us. Caite Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina USA, gives a speech. Gary dances by his computer in the Numa Numa meme.

Brian watches a couple of 17-year-old boys do the Soulja Boy dance. Judson performs in his Evolution of Dance video. Tay Zonday records in the studio. Kevin Federline bobs his head as he produces Weezer. Kicesie kicks her legs as she sits on the couch. Rivers hugs Cara.



Rating: 0/5

Outdated memes be like:

Except Cara Cunningham who is:



Director: Mathew Cullen Year: 2008

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