Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”

Carrie Underwood stands by a blood red lit wall, in a Nikki Rich jacket and  Wearing a Rachael Cassar dress, she sits on the bed, wearing a black veil and snaps her fingers. Wearing glasses, she sits on a chair, wearing a Chic Little Devil tutu and a Baby Phat jacket, she places her hands on her knees. A mauve curtain flows by her in the room.

In a Elizabeth and James maxi dress, she stands by the stairs and plucks petals off a flower. In a George Chakra dress, she dances against an electric blue patterned wall. Wearing a Kymerah dress, she runs her hand on her leg as she sits on the couch. She shakes her shoulders as she stands by a tan wall. In the mirror, she talks to the version of herself in the Nikki Rich jacket.

Wearing an Aurelio Costarella gown, she opens the door of the house and walks inside. She steps on a bouquet of roses. She blows the fuzz off a flower. A version of her in a black dress sits next to her on the couch and they both clap. Two versions of herself (in a black and white dresses) dance on each side of the doors. They face each other.

Rating: 3/5

A twentysomething man puts his arm around Carrie Underwood and asks her if she’s enjoying her evening. She nods towards a twentysomething woman in an ivory gown and says for him to stay away. He shrugs and says he just can’t. The twentysomething woman is so sweet. Underwood swirls her straw in her drink, saying it’s a game to him.

Underwood had been involved with him once. It had been almost a year, which was a record for him. They were in love. She was thinking of moving in with him. Her mom said to her, “guys like him are fun but you don’t commit to them.” But she told her mom she was wrong. The twentysomething man had changed. He was a good man and she needed to trust her.

The twentysomething man had given her a key to his home. They had celebrated with drinking a bottle of wine. As she fell asleep on the couch, he had an outburst about the painting she hung up. She excused it, though. They both had too much to drink. However. he had yelled at her again after not calling for dinner right away. She knew she had to leave him. Tapping the twentysomething woman on the shoulder, she says she has to something to tell her about the twentysomething man. The twentysomething woman shakes her head and says she’s jealous. She tells the twentysomething she’s going to listen and explains what was it like being with him. Underwood wasn’t the innocent woman anymore. He had made sure of that. She didn’t want it happening to anyone else.

Director: Theresa Wingert Year: 2012

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