Video Review: Travis Scott “Escape Plan”

Travis Scott sits inside his car and listens to music on his headphones. Three Dobermans run on the grass. He stands with his security guards in front of his mansion. The dogs run around the house. Scott runs on the treadmill on the balcony. He stands by the pool and circles his motorboat around the island.

In the family room, he stands with a rag over his head. He raps on the grass as several dogs sit in a circle around him. A twentysomething woman lies on a platform on the balcony. People load the airplane with suitcases. He and his friends ride dune buggies. A twentysomething man knocks on the door of a house. A second twentysomething man pours two drinks. Some people throw money as two twentysomething woman dance on stage. Scott dances with his friends. The gate to the mansion closes.

Rating: 1/5

Travis Scott rides his motorboat around the island. Home was far away, which was how he wanted it. The island was his refuge from the impending lawsuits and criticism he was facing. He had slimmed his list of people he wanted to see. A friend suggested a party to take his mind off things and he said okay. An approved list of people was necessary.

Scott works out on the balcony. He cools down with a towel, staring at the hills. Perhaps he’ll take a walk. Maybe the dogs will want to play. Downstairs, he whistles for the dogs. They run to him and he goes outside with them. As he walks, they follow him. One of the dogs finds a stick and he throws it back and forth. He had no idea what was going on in the world and it didn’t bother him.

His publicist urges him to slow down. It’s going to be intense weeks ahead. Scott dances on stage with the two twentysomething woman. He no longer cared if he got out. If did, oh well, there was nothing he could do. He was living his life.

Directors: Travis Scott, Eliel Ford & White Trash Tyler Year: 2021

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