Video Review: Rockwell “Obscene Phone Caller”

Rockwell arrives at the Ambassador Hotel in  Los Angeles, California in his limousine. The crowd of fans call his name and surround the car. A twentysomething woman puts her hands on his chest as he walks to the entrance. A clerk tells him, “good evening, Mr. Rockwell. You’ve received a lot of calls but no one left a message.” Rockwell rings the bell. The bellboy takes his luggage.

He tips the bell boy as a second twentysomething woman calls him on the phone. While he sits on the bed, he answers, saying “hello” and she breathes into the receiver. She lies on the silk sheets, her finger entwined with the cord as he exclaims. “who is this?” Rockwell plays the violin. He stands on a checkered floor, entangled in cords.

Against a black background, a twentysomething man and a second twentysomething woman talk on the phone. The bell boy delivers a phone to Rockwell on a tray. Rockwell lies on a float in the pool. A thirtysomething man, a security guard, grins as he passes Rockwell. A third twentysomething woman licks a phone. A fiftysomething man waves his finger at her.

The twentysomething woman, dressed as a bellboy, closes the door of a room in the hotel. He leaves his room and sighs. As he walks on the first floor, he sees twentysomething women crossing their legs as they talk on the phone. They stand up and stare at him. The twentysomething woman opens the door of his room and takes off her glove. She blinks and changes into her clothes. He turns his head in shock. The phone rings again.

Rating: 4/5

Rockwell lounges by the pool. Some bushes rustle by him and he sits up, turning his head. He grabs his knife. It could be his stalker. A squirrel runs out to the closest tree. Rockwell sighs and rubs his forehead. Every little noise was startling him. He didn’t know if he could live scared much longer. Something had to be done.

The fortysomething man writes down what Rockwell drank and how long he slept. Rockwell had been drinking quite a bit of liquor during his stay. Perhaps he’ll have to intervene. The problem needed to be nipped in the bud. Rockwell had his entire future in front of him.

Rockwell answers the phone. It was the fortysomething man, saying he’ll be up. Security caught an unauthorized person hanging out by his room. Rockwell says he’s so grateful. The fortysomething man unlocks the door of Rockwell’s door. Rockwell thanks him again. The fortysomething man instructs Rockwell to stay where he is at and locks the door. The security guard says he’s his biggest fan and demands to know why he has ignored him. Rockwell scans the room and thinks of a hiding place. The bathroom was a few feet away.

Director: Bill Parker Year: 1984

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