Video Review: Madonna “Bedtime Story”

A screen of blue ice reads loads, saying “welcome.” It blinks that the subject is Ciccone, M. Information about her scrolls on the smaller ice blue screens. A steel blue IV drips as Madonna lies on a white circle platform inside a laboratory. The blue ice screen determines she’s lucid. A drawing of Madonna sings within the ice blue of the screen.

Two men exchange croziers. Madonna sings on a sunflower, planted in the corner of a room. In the room, a 8-year-old girl sits on a rug. A thirtysomething woman places a blanket behind her. A twentysomething man turns away as a cube of Madonna singing in black-and-white spins over her hands. A group of twentysomething men fold their hands in prayer and perform a Sufi dance.

She sits by a pool of skulls and looks up, seeing an electric blue lit fortysomething man analyzing her on the roof. Wearing a white gown, she tilts her head and rubs her bump. Doves fly out. The 8-year-old girl reads a book and moves a small statue on the table. She watches as Madonna floats over the stairs. People listen as Madonna, in black-and-white, sings on a screen. Madonna, by the sunflower, sticks out her tongue and a white light emits from her forehead. She flies in space. The thirtysomething woman covers the 8-year-ol girl with a blanket as stars swarm Madonna. The mouths, within Madonna’s eyes talk, as she sits on a stool. She opens her eyes as she lies on the white circle platform.

Rating: 5/5

A psychologist pours over the images. The 8-year-old girl was a resident of the island. She writes her notes and tries to form the connection between the two. The 8-year-old appeared to be trying to contact Madonna and speaking through her. The doctors had treated the 8-year-old girl couldn’t figure her out.

The 8-year-old girl knocks on the door of the laboratory. She asks to see Madonna. Madonna lifts her up and says the girl’s name. They hug. The 8-year-old girl says she will know her again someday. They’ll meet but she won’t remember her. The 8-year-old girl disappears.

Madonna opens her eyes and a light shakes over here. The psychologist whispers to the nurse to get the sedative. Madonna sits up and asks where she is. She feels a flutter in her stomach and demands to know what was done to her. As she screams, a nurse sticks her with a needle and her eyes close again. Madonna bites her lips as the nurse gets thrown across the room. The 8-year-old girl dances in her dream.

Director: Mark Romanek Year: 1995

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