Video Review: Wale & J Cole “Poke It Out”

Several twentysomething women ride their bicycles in the park. They talk in a video as they sit in a Jeep. One of the twentysomething women shakes her butt. Wale drives some of the twentysomething in the Jeep in the city. The twentysomething women hold their fishing reels as they stand near the lake. Wale sits on the hood of the Jeep as they play football.

Two twentysomething women make out in the shower. One of them slams the door while the other twentysomething women wait in line. Wale sits on a cooler while the twentysomething women walk to their tents. The twentysomething women and Wale dance by the bonfire. He cuddles with one of the twentysomething women in the tent. J Cole raps against a lavender background. Wale joins him and they rap together. Lit in electric blue, the twentysomething women dance in a warehouse.

Rating: 4/5

The red-haired twentysomething woman shouts she think she may have gotten something. Two of her friends rush to her and help her to pull in the fish. One of her friends comments it might break a record. The fish continues to struggle on the reel as she tries to get it in. The twentysomething women capture the fish. The red-haired twentysomething woman stands for a picture with her friends.

Wale picks them up and says he’s going to see them in the news. The red-haired twentysomething woman says her muscles hurt. Her friend says she found a recipe for it. A second twentysomething says they might not have time for it at the campground. Her friend says it’s going to be delicious.

Wale sets up the bonfire. The red-haired twentysomething woman says she’s glad he came by. Wale kisses her on the cheek and says he missed her. The red-haired twentysomething woman laughs as Wale carries around the bonfire. Her friend hands them a plate of fish. The red-haired twentysomething woman feeds Wale a bite. Wale gives her a thumbs up and tells her she’s invited to every camping trip from now on.

Director: LCR$ Year: 2021

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