Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Bite Me”

Avril Lavigne curses as she hits her hand on the steering wheel of her car. She flips her hair as she walks in the parking lot. Travis Barker leans against the building and hands her a jacket. She sings into a microphone while Barker plays drums in an apartment.

Lavigne, Barker and two thirtysomething men carry axes with them as they walk. She pounds on a door and unhooks the chain on it. The twentysomething man gets up from the couch, saying “no, no” to her. He watches as Barker and their friends point their axes. She on the top of the couch, putting her arms around him.

She twirls the axe inside a citrus orange box. The thirtysomething men smash his skateboards and artwork. The twentysomething man stands on top stairs, trying to prevent them from going into the other rooms. She sits on a chair as he gets on one knee and tosses the jewelry box out of his hand. Their friends perform a kickline. Gold confetti falls as she dances with her friends. In black-and-white, she picks up a jacket on the ground in the security camera video. Back in color, she knocks on another door and breaks the chain on it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Avril Lavigne punches her hand through one of his paintings. The twentysomething man said it was inspired by her. It was an original. It was only for her. However, she came across the same painting at an acquaintance’s house. She had commented on it and the acquaintance mentioned the twentysomething man had given it to her. Lavigne narrowed her eyes and wanted to slap her.

Travis Barker surveys the damage and calls for his friends to go. The art studio and supplies had been destroyed, which had been the aim. She picks up the engagement ring in the corner. As she places it on her finger, she thinks about selling it online. It’ll make up for the hours she took off to be with him.

Barker mails out the ring for her. She tells him she’ll divide up the amount for him. Barker says it’s fine. She needs for a new apartment, anyhow. Lavigne tells him she’ll be crashing for another week or so. Barker kisses her on the cheek and says for her to stay for as long as she wants.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2021

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