Video Review: Nelly “Hot In Herre (US Version)”

As Nelly pulls up to the club, he looks at the line of the people waiting. A twentysomething woman glances at him. The people bump into each other as the line moves. Lit in ice blue, Nelly dances with some of his friends. Several twentysomething women dance by the stairs, sweat on their bodies.

Back in color, Nelly leaps over the railing, In ice blue, the second twentysomething woman smiles at him as he approaches her. Women remove their cover-ups. A person films Nelly on his video camera. Nelly sits with his friends at a table and talks to a few twentysomething women. Two twentysomething women dance by chairs on two sections near the stage.

Sparks fly from the wires. The DJ (Cedric The Entertainer) notices the fire crawling on the ceiling. He tells the crowd “hold up, hold up.” The crowd responds, “raise your hands.” The DJ points to the ceiling, saying “the roof, the roof is on fire.” The crowd repeats it back to him. Back in ice blue, Nelly checks the time on his watch as he dances with the second twentysomething woman. Lit in hunter green, Nelly and the people in the club continue to dance.

Rating: 0/5

Nelly reads the sign posted on the door of the club: “closed for repairs.” It’d been up for months and he hadn’t seen a construction crew around at all. The club had become one of his favorite spots. It was somewhat sketchy but it was part of its appeal.

He taps on the door and it falls off. Jumping back, he runs on the sidewalk. It wasn’t his fault. It was already broken. The bouncer of the club asks him what’s he doing. Nelly says hello to him and says “you’re not working at the other club?” The bouncer says the club is gone. The owners don’t want to invest in anymore of it.

Nelly walks back to the club and stands on the sidewalk. It had been a cool place once. He thinks of maybe buying it and opening a bar. The pretty women would be in abundance. He shrugs and walks away. It’ll take too much time. He prefers to have fun somewhere else.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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