Video Review: Jason Derulo “Acapulco”

A boat burns on the ocean. Jason Derulo and two twentysomething men rock on a raft during a thunderstorm. One of his friends says, “tell me you brought your cell phone.” His second friend tells him, “I’ll call my mama.” Derulo tells them, “y’all look stressed!” and commands his phone to play his new song.

He and his friends wake up on the sand. Brushing himself off, he sees a twentysomething woman walking on the shore. She gestures for him to come over and crawls on the sand while he walks to her. He wakes up to see a rattlesnake hissing at him. Several twentysomething women sit on chairs near their hut. From a bush, he watches as the twentysomething women splash the water by the waterfall.

He joins the twentysomething women by the waterfall. The twentysomething women dance in a circle around him and his friends at the hut. The twentysomething woman and Derulo swim together in the ocean. She puts Zenni sunglasses on him as he sits on a chair. They chase each other in the forest and continue to swim.

Rating: 1/5

Jason Derulo sits in the main hut. The twentysomething woman licks his cheek and says she’s found her mate. Derulo says he’s hers forever. She touches his chest, saying she promises to be gentle. He leans in to kiss her and screams. She whispers to him, it’s fine.

Derulo lies in the fetal position on the sand. The two twentysomething men shake him. Derulo groans in pain. One of his friends says he’ll get the healer. Derulo says “no” over and over. The second twentysomething rushes to another tent. A second twentysomething woman stands over him and sticks some liquid on his tongue. She instructs him to swallow. He coughs as he sits up.

The twentysomething woman nests in the hut. The twentysomething women huddle around her, gathering food and blankets. The two twentysomething men guard the hut. The twentysomething woman rubs her bump, says Derulo gave his life to continue their species.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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