Video Review: Tove Lo “Habits (Stay High)”

Tove Lo rubs her eyes as she wakes up in a twentysomething woman’s bed. n the bathroom, she splashes some water on her face and blinks as she looks in the mirror. She grabs a flannel shirt and waits on the subway platform. Back at home, she makes herself another drink and puts on makeup.

She sings against a black background. In a taxi, she calls a friend on her phone. In the bars, she smokes and walks on the sidewalks, turning her head at night. She eats some fries and tosses it behind her as she continues to walk. Some friends join her in the taxi. She laughs by herself.

Back at the bar, she puts chalk on the pool cue. She sucks on a straw and kisses a second twentysomething woman. A twentysomething man makes out with her. She smokes as she talks with her friends. In a bathroom stall, she bursts into tears. The twentysomething man and woman kiss her in the bar. He joins her in the bathroom, kissing her. The three of them continue to make out in the back of the taxi. She feels the walls of the hallway as she walks to her apartment. Her eyes half-closed, she passes out in bed.

Rating: 5/5

Tove Lo presses the buttons on her phone, asking herself why it won’t turn on. She turns it over and realizes she had the wrong side. Giggling to herself, she taps her password and shrugs as the screen shakes. A twentysomething woman grabs it from her and tells her to get out and stop snooping. Lo says she can’t find her phone. The twentysomething woman says it’s not her problem.

Lo shields her eyes as she walks on the sidewalk. She cringes as her hand sticks to something in her pockets. As she takes it off, she notices the stains and throws it away. Vomit was all over it. It stunk and she gags into a garbage can. A fortysomething man tells her to “get it together.” She gives him the finger.

A thirtysomething man approaches her with his 8-year-old girl and offers her some water. She guzzles it, “I guess I drank it all.” He sits by her, asking her about her stop. She says she must’ve missed it. He says he can stay with her for awhile. Inside his home, he tells his daughter to go upstairs and starts to kiss Lo. Lo gives in and fumbles for her cell phone. Someone should know where she is.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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