Video Review: Peter Wolf “Lights Out”

Peter Wolf dances on a platform on stage as a spotlight shines on him. A twentysomething woman pirouettes at the barre backstage. A second twentysomething woman lies on a chair. A third twentysomething woman covers her with a blanket. A group of thirtysomething people sit on chairs and talk. The two thirtysomething women tug at a scarf while the thirtysomething men watch.

A fourth twentysomething woman spins past the platform on stage. Four twentysomething women follow her, spinning. The twentysomething women sit in the chairs. The third thirtysomething woman holds a trombone over the second thirtysomething woman’s head. Wolf dances backstage as the the twentysomething women perform a ballet routine. He passes by twentysomething men standing by the staircase. The people walk on stage as he continues to dance on the platform.

Rating: 3/5

Peter Wolf goes over his lines. The fourth twentysomething woman, a ballerina, says it’s a good script and looks at the cover to see who wrote it. Wolf says he hopes it gets produced. The fourth twentysomething woman says she doesn’t know why she stay in the arts. Wolf asks her, “what’s going on?” She says the ballet company is financial trouble. Wolf shakes his head, saying maybe a donor will pull through. She tells him she has a fundraiser coming up and perhaps they’ll show.

A thirtysomething woman side-eyes him as he walks into the theater. He finds a tie in his pocket while in the lobby. At the coat rack, he punches in and taps his fingers on the counter. Two fortysomething people hand them their coats without looking at him. He hands them their ticket and listens as the orchestra warms up.

Wolf rushes to his audition. It was for a national commercial. The assistant calls for him and he stands in the room, a smile on his face as he pretends to talk to his wife. The producers nod and tell them they’ll be in touch. He walks out the room and stands on the sidewalk, scratching his eyebrow. He did his best. It was all he could do.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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