Video Review: Rosalia & The Weeknd “La Fama”

While people chatter at a lounge, a fiftysomething man (Danny Trejo) tells the audience, “ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce…I must warn you, she’s not for everyone.” A twentysomething man does a line of cocaine on his plate. He looks up as the fiftysomething man says, “she’ll pierce your heart and become your obsession. So get ready for some heat.” He points to the stage, as he says, “la fama!”

Rosalia performs on the stage. She stares at The Weeknd as she sings and bites on some food at the next table. The Weeknd holds his glass as she leans in and sits by him. The lights turn lavender and blood red as she returns to stage. She dodges The Weeknd’s kiss and stabs him in the stomach. He collapses on the stage, clutching his side as she waves the knife around. The audience claps and whistles as the fiftysomething man says, “give it up for La Fama! Don’t forget be careful what you wish for.”

Rating: 5/5

Rosalia bends down to touch The Weeknd’s cold face. He had been such a kind man. However, he didn’t know what he had gotten into. She had given him a few memorable nights. He attended a major event with her and slept with her. He had been eager, talking about their future. She had promised him a better life and told him the horrors of his life would go away soon.

It was the first person she had murdered on stage in a year or so. A few missing people had appeared on the news and the owners had decided to lay low. However, the searches had been suspended and Rosalia had been given permission to find a lover again.

During the year, she had gotten restless. There was the little girl in the parking lot. The fortysomething man riding his bicycle. The thirtysomething woman she met for drinks. They had been delightful people but they couldn’t stay. Their families missed them, sure. However, they had been able to spend time with her in their last moments. It was everyone’s dream.

Director: Director X Year: 2021

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