Video Review: Atlantic Starr “I’ll Remember You”

A twentysomething man runs up the steps to a house. David, Aisha and Wayne sing inside another home. The twentysomething man opens the door and sees the cardboard boxes in the corner. He picks up a cut up photograph of her and looks out the window, tears in his eyes.

The twentysomething woman and man talk and perform a dance at the studio. Lit in royal blue and black-and-white, they turn and kick. She kisses him. They walk on the beach and a second twentysomething takes their picture. She laughs as they walk down the apartment stairs. He touches her hair and she pulls back as her parents watch in their car. The twentysomething man exchanges a worried look with the twentysomething woman as they have dinner with both sets of parents. His mom raises her hand as her dad starts to speak. The twentysomething man gets up from the table. She walks to him.

The twentysomething man asks his dad “what’s going on?” while they fix his car. The twentysomething woman looks over a family album with her mom as they sit on the couch and gets up. The twentysomething man and woman perform on stage in front of an audience. She sits in the backseat of the car, looking at the half picture of the twentysomething man.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman ties her tennis shoes and tells her parents she’s going to class. Her mom says “ok.” The twentysomething woman drives past the college and turns to the right. She sits in the parking lot of the dance studio. Through the mirror, she sees the twentysomething man dancing with a second twentysomething woman.

At the library, she read an interview with the twentysomething man in a dance magazine. He had said it had been a tough few years and he had taken some time off. However, he and his partner were in sync and understood each other. She couldn’t read any further. The twentysomething man was enjoying the success, as he should. He deserved everything in the world. Part of his struggle was she had been forced to quit dancing by her parents. They didn’t like the people she was spending time with and wanted her to concentrate on other subjects.

She pulls out of the parking lot as he opens the door. The twentysomething man stares into her eyes as she freezes at the wheel. He wanted to go up to her and ask her how she was doing. But it would lead to trouble for both of them. Neither set of parents liked their relationship. Her parents accused him putting the dream of being a dancer in her head. His parents thought she was a hanger-on, trying to attach herself to him to become rich. He had told his parents they wouldn’t stop them from being together. However, her parents moved her out of her apartment without notice. She drives off as he walks to her car.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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