Video Review: Luke Combs “Doin’ This”

A twentysomething man sits across from Luke Combs in a studio. He says to Combs, “hey man, we’re going to be asking you a couple of questions, you know, just a few questions. It’s okay if you wanna stop and start again.” Combs answers, “sure.” The twentysomething man asks him. “if you could be anything, what would you be doing if it weren’t doing this?” Combs responds to him.

Adam Church washes dishes in the sink and smiles as he watches Combs on television. He walks to his next door neighbor’s house and gives the thirtysomething man a high-five in the driveway. Combs holds his guitar during the interview. The second twentysomething man sits on his 2-year-old girl’s bed and feeds her the bottle. A twentysomething woman and their 2-year-old girl listen to Church play guitar on the couch.

Church and his 2-year-old girl watch a video of him playing with Combs at a small club on his phone in the family room. Back at the interview, the twentysomething man asks, “whoa, time out…who is this guy?” Combs explains, “this guy sat next to me on a barstool in North Carolina.” On stage, Combs continues, “he is one, if not, of the best human beings that I ever met in my entire life. He’s talented. he cares about other people and he helped me when he didn’t have to. And that is something I will never forget.”

Back at the interview, he says the person’s name is “Adam Church.” The twentysomething man says, “that’s hell of an answer.” Church joins Combs on stage. They perform together.

Rating: 3/5

Adam Church tucks his 2-year-old girl in and kisses her forehead. He walks out of the bedroom and into his bedroom. The twentysomething woman snores as she sleeps. He grins and cuddles beside her. Reaching for his phone, he remembers to set the alarm. Sometimes she forgot.

His 2-year-old girl asks him to play a song. Church plays his guitar and she sings along. She asks him if he’s going to be famous someday. Church tells her “maybe” and ruffles her hair. The twentysomething woman motions for him to join her in the kitchen. She says she can’t change her shift and she won’t be able to make it to his show. Church tells her he’ll take care of it.

His 2-year-old girl cries and hits his chest as he takes her to daycare. She says, “sing, daddy!” He tells her “next time” and says he’ll see her later. The twentysomething woman says they’ll have fun and to wave to daddy. The 2-year-old girl continues to cry as he waves. In the car, he answers the phone. His wife grabbed some overtime and will be at work an extra two hours. He notifies the daycare and drives to the small club.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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