Video Review: Dixie Chicks “Goodbye Earl”

Wanda (Jane Krakowski) pokes Mary Ann (Holly) in the library. Mary Ann sleeps on her textbooks. They suck on lollipops as they walk in the halls and salute the flag in the auditorium. Natalie, Martie, and Emily sing as they stand on the lawn of the high school. Wanda and Mary Ann smile together in the yearbook photos for the 4H Club.

Mary Ann hugs Wanda at the bus stop. The bus drives off and Wanda meets Earl (Dennis Franz), who winks at her. Wanda gets into his car wearing a wedding dress. Natalie, Martie and Emily listen in the family room as Earl and Wanda fight. Earl shakes her and Wanda lands on the floor. Wearing sunglasses, she walks into Ezekiel Kincaid’s (Evan Bernard) office to discuss her options.

Earl shakes her again. Wanda sits in the hospital with a black eye. Mary Ann rushes into her bedside and they pinky swear. The patients, doctors, nurses and the Dixie Chicks dance with Mary Ann and Wanda. Mary Ann watches from the kitchen door as Earl eats his dinner. He falls off the chair. Wanda squirts water in his face and blows him a kiss. The police officers (Adrian Pasdar and Michael Delouise) take off their sunglasses and dust her place for prints.

Mary Ann and Wanda sell jars of olives at the fair. The Dixie Chicks and the townspeople dance at the fair. A zombie Earl bends down on the ground. Wanda and Mary Ann drag Earl’s body out of the trunk and throw it into the river.

Rating: 5/5

Wanda delivers two boxes of canned olives to a grocery store in the city. The fortysomething man tells her she’s a lifesaver and asks her if she’d like to go out with him. Wanda says it’s really sweet but she’s far too busy to handle a relationship. As she pulls onto the expressway, she thinks of how she was married once. Never again.

Mary Ann locks the door of the office for the night. Whatever needed to be done could be finished tomorrow. A thirtysomething man glances at her ringless finger as she walks by him. Maybe five years she would’ve flirted. However, she couldn’t afford to be tied down. Several ex-boyfriends in the city had left her with debt.

Wanda unlocks the door and puts the blanket on Mary Ann as she snores on the couch. Mary Ann was truly her best friend. They were soulmates. Mary Ann would walk through Hell with her and point out the flowers in the flames. They saved each other and knew God would forgive them on Judgement Day for Earl. Neither spoke of Earl but they thought about it.

Director: Evan Bernard Year: 2000

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