Video Review: Polo G “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)”

Polo G, wearing a white suit, walks into the casino with his two security guards and checks the time on his watch. He opens a suitcase full of money and plays a game of craps. A fortysomething man signals (which is blurred). G’s security guards let him know. In black-and-white, The Opps is noted by the fortysomething man’s face.

G performs on stage. The fortysomething man nods and his four fiftysomething man stand up at the table. G stands across the table with his two security guards. He stands in the back as his security guards break sections of a tables over the fiftysomething men. G punches out a fiftysomething man. The fortysomething man scowls as he sits in the booth with two thirtysomething women. He shoves them out of the way and points his gun at G. G throws glass at him, knocking him out. In silhouette, a man dances like Michael Jackson.

In a message on a black screen, Polo G writes “to the family, friends and fans of the Michael Jackson and his estate, we are truly grateful for all your support in the release of this song and music video. MJ is loved all around the world. We used this opportunity to represent this song for the future. We thank you sincerely and we hope we have contributed to our small part in the everlasting memory and legend of the  greatest entertainer of all time. Thank you, Polo G.”

Rating: 5/5

Polo G sits in his booth at the casino and drinks. The server fills his glass and puts his meal on the table. G cuts up his steak and discusses potential back-up singers for him. A fortysomething man glares at him as he sits in his booth. G sits back and stares back at him. The fortysomething man was a singer at another casino, which was currently in financial trouble.

G tells his security guards to keep an eye on the fortysomething man as he gets up. In the bathroom, G straightens his collar. A twentysomething man says his set was remarkable. G thanks him and opens the door. Two of the fortysomething’s guards press him against the wall. G says he doesn’t want to any problems and watches as his guards approach.

The fortysomething man lights his cigar at his table. G walks to the stage and dedicates the song to the fortysomething man. The bartenders, servers and dancers swivel their heads. A fiftysomething man breaks a chair and pushes a server onto the floor. The bartenders run and hide into the main office. People scream as G’s security guards hit the fortysomething man’s goons. One of the fortysomething man’s goons goes after a customer and G punches him out. The customer crawls on the floor as people try to lead him to safety. A second goon tells G it’s not over yet as they leave. G stands, his hands folded, watching them walk out of the door.

Director: Arrad Year: 2021

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