Video Review: LL Cool J & Amerie “Paradise”

LL Cool J sits on the sand and lets it slip through his fingers. Shirtless, he stands up in the lake near the waterfall. A twentysomething woman (Gabrielle Union) smiles as she walks on the shore. J splashes water in the lake. The twentysomething woman leans against the column of the hut as J stands behind her.

The twentysomething woman and J run to the kayak. They hug and he carries her. Past the mountains, Amerie stands on the sand on another beach. J picks a flower for the twentysomething woman and tucks her behind her. The twentysomething woman pets a pony. He helps her on top of the pony. Amerie dances in a cove.

The twentysomething woman rides the horse on the beach. J rubs her arm as he walks with her. They walk in the forest and he points out the waterfall to her. He kisses her forehead while they stand by a tree and gives her a piggyback ride on the beach. She smiles as she walks in the water. J waves as he swims underwater. At night, Amerie sits on a rock. The twentysomething puts her head on J’s arm as they watch their lanterns fly in the night sky. He gives the peace sign as Big Momma and Jam Master Jay are written in the stars.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman lies on the lounge chair, reading a book. LL Cool J touches her foot as he sits next to her. He puts in their order for breakfast. They hadn’t seen people around in days and it was fantastic. There was no one to distract them with small talk or bother them while they kissed. It was absolutely perfect.

Amerie swims in the ocean and looks over a brochure as she sits on her blanket. She was thinking of maybe taking a daytrip later. It was a tour through the island. She wanted to see a volcano or visit the bars around the area. The quiet was okay. However, she needed to talk to people.

Amerie asks the twentysomething woman if it was the line for the tour bus. The twentysomething woman says she’s in the right spot. Amerie says it’s weird talking to people again and introduces herself. She shakes the twentysomething man and woman’s hands. She takes pictures of the volcanos and sends some of them to the twentysomething couple. The twentysomething woman asks if she wants to go to the bar with them later. Amerie says she’d like that.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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