Video Review: Taylor Swift & Chris Stapleton “I Bet You Think About Me”

A thirtysomething man (Miles Teller) says, “I will never forget the first time I met you. I thought ‘wowza, that is the most beautiful girl in the world. You had the sweetest eyes, the softest smile.” While he continues to read to himself in the mirror, several men stand at the urinals.

He takes a glass of champagne from the tray as server walks by him. Taylor Swift puts her tray in a pile and pours red coloring in the water. She bites a cherry off a toothpick and places it in a fiftysomething man’s glass. The thirtysomething man watches her as she walks. Standing by the cake, she knocks over the groom and licks frosting off her finger. A 10-year-old girl uses her finger and takes some frosting. Swift tears her hands into her cake and eats it.

Swift gives a speech during the reception. She knocks on the table and points at him. The thirtysomething man stares at his family and friends as they laugh. Swift gives the bride a present. The thirtysomething woman smiles at her as she wraps the red scarf around her neck. Their guests put their hands on their hearts. Swift guzzles the champagne and passes out on the floor.

With two candy canes in her mouth, Swift plays with the 7-year-old kids at the children’s table. She pulls a rabbit out of her hat and teaches the kids a game. The thirtysomething man watches her as she gives him the finger. The photographer takes a picture and he moves his head out of frame. Blinking, he sees Swift walk to him, wearing a wedding dress. They dance. He dips her and she leaves him. Her dress turns red as she plays the guitar with the band. In the mirror, he sees Swift’s face as as the decorations and cake turn red.

Rating: 4/5

The thirtysomething man says his vows at the altar. The thirtysomething woman smiles at him, with tears in her eyes. Each word was clear without a stumble. There was no shakiness in his voice. He puts the ring on her finger and turns the priest. That part was done. Now was it just the kiss. He gives her a smooch on the lips and puts on his smile as he turns to the church pews.

His best friend slaps him on the arm, saying he did good. The thirtysomething man grins as his best friend says he was so nervous during his vows, he forgot an entire paragraph and he had to help him out. The thirtysomething man nods and tells him he handed him the piece of paper. A twentysomething woman, a former girlfriend, says she’s so happy for him. She says they are such a lovely couple.

As he dances with the thirtysomething woman, he blinks and thinks he sees Swift at the reception. As far as he knew, some of his acquaintances were friends with her. They knew not to mention her around him, however. While talking with them, he waits for one of them to bring up Swift. He mentions the fall date about 10 years ago and his friends shake their heads, confused. He says it was good to see them and glances at the exit door.

Director: Blake Lively Year: 2021

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