Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Starships”

A silver spaceship flies over Oahu, Hawaii. Several shirtless twentysomething men do yoga on the beach. A twentysomething man and woman sleep on the rock. They wake up as the spaceship speeds by them. Nicki Minaj lands on the water as a hologram. She pushes her back as she walks.

The shirtless men carry her on a platform across the water. The twentysomething woman, wearing their bikinis, walk on the runway in the sand. She lies on the sand. Lavender smoke emits from the mountains. Cardinal yellow and Parisian blue paint splash a second twentysomething man.

Within a kaleidoscope, Minaj’s face multiplies and forms into her whole body against the hot pink background. She dances on a rock. While she dances on a hill, the shirtless men crawl up to join her. At night, she sits on a clear box while people continue to dance. Three twentysomething women twirl flamethrowers.

Lava splatters on the ground. A paint splattered Minaj dances with the people on the island by an oversized cut up keyboard, erected on the sand.

Rating: 2/5

Nicki Minaj taps her wrist, indicating to her superiors it was safe. She had found paradise somewhere. A shirtless group of twentysomething men ask of how they could be of service to her. One twentysomething man says he noticed she was alone on the island. Minaj says she’s a goddess and cannot walk on land.

The shirtless men lead her to the resorts. She flashes pictures in her mind. Her species may have found their headquarters. She commands them to stop. They lay her down on the ground. She could sense twentysomething woman around her. They had to know she was there. She had to use their clothes.

The twentysomething women talk to her about their boyfriends and compliment her on her hair. She knocks out communication with her superiors. The humans were fun and she wanted to be one. She shouts along with them and dances with them to the music.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2012

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